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I would definitely recommend this course to my friends

"I liked the readings about practical cases (like It's all Greek to me). It gave me a nice insight. I would like to study medicine in the future, and if I weren't sure before, thanks to the course I am now."

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Adam W.

I appreciate this opportunity

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to try CTM Online courses and the CTM Completion certificates. I could very much recommend these courses. Working with my instructor went very well, she was prompt in answering all my questions. Overall, I very much appreciate this opportunity that was made available to me.


Miu Tran

CTM Online AP Biology course was a great experience for me

"CTM Online AP Biology course was a great experience for me. It teaches independent work and self-study by which it prepares for the university
system. Biology and Chemistry that I learned from the course was a great foundation for my following university degree of biochemical engineering and the vocabulary I obtained from the course allowed me to understand the lectures straight from the beginning..." 

Ester Friedlaenderová

CTY Summer in Princeton

"I am writing to thank you for an amazing experience I was able to get this summer thanks to CTM and AFCSLS, who funded my stay."

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Zuzana R.

Course Anatomy and Physiology

"I enjoyed this course. Sometimes, it was tough to fit all of the assignments in between my school work and other activities, but Iím kind of proud of myself, that I made it. There were days, when I wanted to do it, study and then do the assignments, but some days were also hard, when this course was the last thing I wanted to do. I liked the teaching method, they used, when they were making the course."

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Maria V.

Comprehensive Science - unique experience

"Not only did I learn a lot from this course, it was also done in its own fun way. It‘s done in a very interactive way and there are many interesting facts about the lesson topic added outside of the study material."

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Christine C.

CTM Online English for STEM

The course helped me to enrich my English vocabulary in subjects taught in our school only in Czech.

Aneta Š.

One of my best decisions

When I decided to take AP Chemistry last school year, I did it because I like the subject, especially the opportunity to engage in various lab experiments. This year I am graduating. Reflecting on the AP Chemistry, I think it was one of the best decisions I have made so far.

Natan S., gymnázium Arabská Praha

Ms. Jarmila Rojková, mother of a CTY Online student

“Despite all the difficulties in your efforts to establish CTY in the Czech Republic, I would like to express my gratitude for what you do for talented children. Today, my daughter received a CEA certificate, most likely due to taking CTYOnline courses. I am sure relying only on school would not have been enough. I wish you all the strength to overcome adversity of the education establishment."

Jarmila Rojková

It was a pleasure to work with my math instructor / Martin C.

It was a real pleasure to work with my instructor, and I improved my math skills. Also I learnt what it was like to work in a time stress and under pressure.

Martin C.

There were the days I wanted to stop / Pavla M.

Today I am able to say with a calm heart that study with CTY Online and everything which the program prepared for me, every experiences will certainly help me in my future life. I enjoyed it very much. I do not deny that sometimes there were the days when I wanted to stop.

Pavla M.

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