Challenge Your Talent

Challenge Your Talent

Guided by CTM instructors, choose from a wide range of English online programs in natural science, informatics and humanities.

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Online Program

Online Program

Prepare for prestigious Advanced Placement Exams with CTM.

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Discovery Saturdays

Discovery Saturdays

Engaging educational semester programs for younger kids in Prague.

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CTM accelerates learning

CTM accelerates learning

"The CTM has proved to serve as an example of good practise how to accelerate and enrich learning of talented students."
Kateřina Valachová, Ministry of Education Czech Republic

Online Program

Enroll into a global classroom for talented students 11-18 years of age. Guided by our instructors, it is an effective way to learn for understanding, leading to studies at prestigious universities.

Discovery Saturdays

Join our programs for talented children 5-14 years of age. Let them explore fascinating topics with our instructors. Once a month on Saturday in Prague.


Summer Program

Learn about summer programs with CTM or LEAF. It is a great opportunity to explore new horizons in the company of peers who share similar interests and love of learning.

CTM Online Winter Session Registration

Registration to CTM Online winter session starts on November 1, 2017.

Scholarships for Slovak students CTM Online Fall - Winter 2017

Excellent news from LEAF for Slovak students.  Register now for a CTM Online course and if you successfully complete it you will receive EUR 200 in LEAF performance scholarship paid in June 2018.  Registration deadline September 20, 2017.

CTM Online Registration Deadline September 20, 2017

Check out over 100 online courses. Select and register for school year 2017/2018. Registration deadline - September 20, 2017. Courses start on October 2nd, 2017. Over the past eight years a life-changing experience for over 1,000 students, many now at top universities.

CTM Works with the Best Online Content Providers!

CTM works with Florida Virtual School (FLVS), University of Nebraska High School and Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, all top-rated content providers. CTM focus is Advanced Placement (AP) courses guided by experienced CTM instructors. CTM is a partner of College Board, the creator of the AP Program.

CTM Students Consistently Among the Best

May is the time for Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Average score in 2016 for CTM students was 3.75, nearly a point better than the global average.  In May 2017, 75 CTM students took AP exams. Some would be again among the very best, eventually armed with scholarships and admissions to some of the most prestigious universities.

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AP exam 2018 registration opened

AP exam 2018 registration are opened. Register online by March 15. Read more about AP exams.

Highly Recommended - CTM Comprehensive Science Courses for 12-15-year-old-students

Register now, build a foundation, learn online with experienced instructors, explore scientific concepts and learn English at the same time. Great for ambitious and hard-working youngsters motivated to go far, one day perhaps to Mars. Ideal foundation for tackling tough AP science and math courses.

Highly Recommended - CTM Offers Own English Online Courses for Students

Need to improve your technical English vocabulary and learn many useful things at the same time? Take CTM English for STEM Part A&B! Want to become a writer? Take CTM Creative Writing! Need to write a captivating essay? Take CTM Writing Nonfiction.

Highly recommended - CTM Offers Own English Online Courses for Teachers

Need to improve your English in math and science? Take CTM for Teachers: AP Calculus AB Online. Interested in becoming comfortable using STEM English terms, learn other useful things in the process, and become a better teacher! Take CTM for Teachers: English for STEM Online Part A&B.

International AP tests newly recognized by Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University Prague

The internationally acknowledged AP tests are newly recognized at the Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University in Prague. In the Czech Republic, the AP tests are offered by the Center for Talented Minds.

CTM Provides Opportunities for Talented Students in Central Europe

CTM works with the European schools and organizations to give students unique opportunities to compete with the world’s best. Taking CTM Online Advanced Placement (AP) courses, students obtain globally recognized AP certificates of the American College Board, the only opportunity for most public-school students in Central Europe.

We encourage inquisitive and talented kids

Did you know that even young kids want to know about things like creative writing, the mythical stories of Native Americans and programming LEGO robots? Or that, unlike their parents, they know what SketchUp is and would love using it to create their own 3D model such as a spaceship?

CTM recognized as best practise by young European researchers

"As a human endeavour for common good, scientific and scholarly research plays a special role in our European Union – one that has the ability to transform people and society. The passion, ideas and curiosity that young people bring to research sustain it."


CTY continues to welcome qualified Czech and Slovak students to CTY programs

Samuel S. Robfogel, Senior Director, International Initiatives, Center for Talented Youth

"Since 2010, nearly 1,000 students benefited from CTY courses with excellent results. CTY will continue to welcome qualified CTM students to CTY programs. We look forward to continued cooperation and future joint efforts."

Outstanding mentor and teacher

Kristina M.

"I was just able to recover the results from my AP Exam and I got a 5! You were an outstanding mentor and teacher."

Mr. Jiří Růžička, Director, Johannes Kepler Gymnasium, Prague

Jiří Růžička

“We welcomed CTM Online Program as an opportunity to offer our students a sophisticated and time-tested system of talent development.”

Dr. Colm O’Reilly, Director, CTY Ireland

Dr. Colm O’Reilly

"We trust your efforts will find full support in the Czech government. We are confident your program will enhance the quality of education not only of the best and brightest but help lift education standards across the board. In time, it will contribute the development of science and new inventions. It will enhance the living standards of all. This is our experience of 20 years at CTY Ireland. Please let us know how we could help. Good luck in your efforts."

Prof. Peter Csermely, President of the European Council of High Ability, President of Hungarian Nati

Prof. Peter Csermely

"Opening the Central European program will expand the already running programs in the Czech Republic, reduce costs, make it financially sustainable and open opportunities for talented students not only from the Czech Republic, but from other European countries, to a world-class programs and education."

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CTM Online Program is a talent development system for students 11 – 18 year of age. Guided in English by experienced instructors, it offers over 100 online courses including AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science designed by prestigious learning institutions including CTY Johns Hopkins University, Florida Virtual School, Global Personalized Academics, University of Nebraska High School and our own CTM. It a great way to get ahead academically, prepare for AP exams, graduation exams and university studies. CTM Online Program is supported by Czech and Slovak Americans.



Discovery Saturdays is an education and personal development program for gifted and curious children 5 – 14 years of age in three categories: START, JUNIOR and STUDENT. It also offers special courses for parents of gifted children. Inspired by CTY Ireland, courses are developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Biomedicine and Faculty of Medicine, Charles University; the Czech Technical University; Přírodově; AISIS - Understanding Money; Reading Helps; and others. Discovery Saturday are held at the Nový PORG School in Prague.

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