Summer Program

Our Summer Program is a week long commuter program designed for children 5 - 14 years of age at the campus of New PORG School in Prague. Similar in content to the Discovery Saturdays, it offers subjects of keen interest to these children, involving them to gain new information and skills.

Courses are tailored to age groups. Most courses are taught in Czech. In some courses younger children are introduced to English terminology and basic phraseology. Some courses for older students are offered in English.

We intend to resume competition for scholarships to the CTY Summer Programs in 2017. This is a great program for exceptionally gifted students from around the world the opportunity to engage in challenging academic work with their peers sharing their exceptional abilities and love of learning. Students should find participation most helpful in considering their university education options. CTY Summer Programs are held on 25 university and college campuses around the United States and at several CTY sites around the world. More than 40 of our students participated in this program already.


The best summer education a high school student can get

Mojmír Stehlík, Gymnázium Trebišovská 12, Košice

"Landing at Newark international airport and seeing the skyline of Manhattan behind the little airplane window into which you have to so uncomfortably lean in order to see the land beneath I was unable to stop a question from repeatedly coming up in my head: “What did I do to deserve this?”

Three weeks for the rest of life

Tomáš Zahradník, Gymnázium Oty Pavla, Radotín

“Three weeks for the rest of life” is the motto of my experience."

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CTM Online Program is a talent development system for students 11 – 18 year of age. Guided in English by experienced instructors, it offers over 100 online courses including AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science designed by prestigious learning institutions including CTY Johns Hopkins University, Florida Virtual School, Global Personalized Academics, University of Nebraska High School and our own CTM. It a great way to get ahead academically, prepare for AP exams, graduation exams and university studies. CTM Online Program is supported by Czech and Slovak Americans.



Discovery Saturdays is an education and personal development program for gifted and curious children 5 – 14 years of age in three categories: START, JUNIOR and STUDENT. It also offers special courses for parents of gifted children. Inspired by CTY Ireland, courses are developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Biomedicine and Faculty of Medicine, Charles University; the Czech Technical University; Přírodově; AISIS - Understanding Money; Reading Helps; and others. Discovery Saturday are held at the Nový PORG School in Prague.

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