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Mojmír Stehlík, Gymnázium Trebišovská 12, Košice

"Landing at Newark international airport and seeing the skyline of Manhattan behind the little airplane window into which you have to so uncomfortably lean in order to see the land beneath I was unable to stop a question from repeatedly coming up in my head: “What did I do to deserve this?”


Libuse J. NYU, New York City

“AP Biology and three weeks at Princeton helped me advance. I have learned many things about myself and about my priorities and goals. Of course, I have gained also valuable knowledge in the epidemiology course I took, and I learned other useful skills.”



Miu Tran

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to try CTM Online courses and the CTM Completion certificates. I could very much recommend these courses. Working with my instructor went very well, she was prompt in answering all my questions. Overall, I very much appreciate this opportunity that was made available to me.



Zuzana K.

The AP Psychology course has been very helpful to me and I really enjoyed it all. Not only was it interesting to learn all about psychology but it was also fun with the material being made the way it is. I understood the issue well and I liked learning about it.
Also my teacher has been a great help and always managed to explain and clarify things I struggled with. She knew how to create stress-free environment so I was not afraid of asking for help or ask further questions about the material.
Overall, I loved this course, I would recommend it to anyone interested in this topic. It motivated me to continue studying psychology and definitely gave me a great start!


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