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Honors Chemistry Online

Course length:

2 semesters


8 - 13


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global


Students will be challenged and need to have 6-10 hours per week designated to be successful. It is designed as an interactive, 21st century course focusing on Chemistry. Topics include the composition, properties, and changes associated with matter and their applications.

This online course is designed to serve as a foundation for the study of Chemistry. The utilization of scientific inquiry, web 2.0 tools, interactive experiences, higher order thinking, collaborative projects, real world application through labs and a variety of assessments all aid the student in ultimately demonstrating a vast understanding of the importance of Chemistry in the world around them; enabling them to apply these properties to their everyday lives.

Honors Chemistry covers topics typically covered in a high school chemistry course and prepares students for Advanced Placement Chemistry.

Topics include:

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Course Structure

Study Scope and Sequence

Module 01: Chemistry and You

Module 02: The Atom

                  ·  Chemistry and You 

                  ·  Scientific Method 

                  ·  Matter and Measurements 

                  ·  Energy and Temperature 

                  ·  Unit Conversions 

                  ·  Accuracy and Precision 

                  ·  Early Chemistry and Atomic Structure 

                  ·  Properties of the Atom 

                  ·  Isotopes and Weighted Averages 

                  ·  The Mole and Conversion 

                  ·  Electron Arrangement and EMR 

                  ·  Electron Configurations 

Module 03: Compounds

                  ·  History of the Periodic Table 

                  ·  Group Names and Properties 

                  ·  Periodic Trends 

                  ·  Valence Electrons and Bonding 

                  ·  Ionic Bonding and Writing Formulas 

                  ·  Covalent Bonding and Lewis Structures 

                  ·  Intermolecular Forces 

                  ·  Naming Compounds 

                  ·  Molar Mass of Compounds 

Module 04: Reactions

                  · Chemical vs Physical

                  ·  Balancing Equations 

                  ·  Double and Single Replacement 

                  ·  Synthesis and Decomposition 

                  ·  Chemical Reactions: Combustion 

                  ·  Stoichiometry 

                  ·  Limiting Reactant 

                  ·  Percent Yield 

Module 05: Phase and Solutions

                  ·  Four Phases of Matter 

                  ·  Phase Changes 

                  ·  Gas Laws 

                  ·  Gas Calculations 

                  ·  Mixtures and Solutions 

                  ·  Solubility and Concentrations 

                  ·  Molarity and Dilution 

                  ·  Colligative Properties 

Module 06: Thermochemistry and Rate

                  ·  Thermochemistry 

                  ·  Endothermic and Exothermic 

                  ·  Calorimetry 

                  ·  Enthalpy, Entropy and Free Energy 

                  ·  Rate and Collision Theory 

Module 07: Equilibrium and Redox

                  ·  Acids and Bases 

                  ·  Acid-Base Reactions 

                  ·  pH 

                  ·  Equilibrium 

                  ·  Le Chatelier’s Principle 

                  ·  Oxidation and Reduction 

Module 08: Bio Chemistry

                  ·  Half-Life and Radioactive Decay 

                  ·  Fission and Fusion 

                  ·  Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources 

                  ·  Energy and Society 

                   ·  Carbon Chemistry 

                  ·  Biochemistry and Technology 


Course syllabus

Materials required

For this course you need to secure the following textbook and materials (if lab kit is listed, check first the possibility of using your school lab prior to buying the lab kit):

Lab MaterialsLab Materialprovided by student


course fee: 543,- EUR / 12 940,- Kč