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AP Physics 2 Online

Course length:

2 semesters


10 - 13



The course provides students with an introductory experience in the concepts and methods of physical analysis beyond mechanics, including thermodynamics, fluid physics, geometric and physical optics, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics.  Building the ability to reason qualitatively and quantitatively is a primary focus, with inquiry and investigation, modeling and diagramming, symbolic algebra, unit analysis, communication and argumentation, laboratory techniques, data analysis, and integration and application of concepts as emphasized skills.

Students have the primary responsibility for building understanding, with the instructor as a resource and guide. Students will spend instructional time engaging with the textbook, online lecture videos, simulations, online discussions, hands-on labs (constituting 25% of instructional time), problem-solving screencasts, online homework problems, and tests/exams.

Major course themes include:

This course includes a laboratory component designed to meet College Board standards and has been reviewed and approved by the College Board. Hands-on labs require a materials kit that also must be purchased separately by the student.

AP Physics 2 is the equivalent to a second-semester college course in algebra-based physics. This demanding course requires a substantial time commitment during the entire session and should not be combined with other CTY courses.

A free, online placement test is available to determine if the student has the math skills needed to enroll in this course.


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Course Structure

Study Scope and Sequence

Unit 1: Thermodynamics

Temperature and Heat

Kinetic Theory

Thermodynamic Processes

PV Diagrams

First Law of Thermodynamics

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Unit 2: Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Statics

Fluid Flow

Unit 3: Optics

Physical Optics

Geometric Optics

Unit 4: Electricity


Electric Potential


Circuit Basics

DC Circuits

Unit 5: Magnetism



Unit 6: Modern Physics

See more details at http://cty.jhu.edu/ctyonline/courses/advanced_placement/ap_physics_2.html.

Course syllabus

Materials required

For this course you need to secure the following textbook and materials (if lab kit is listed, check first the possibility of using your school lab prior to buying the lab kit):

Knight, College Physics: A Strategic Approach Technology Update, 3rd edition, with Mastering Physics, Pearson Addison-Wesley.ISBN-13: 978-0134167831BookNOT included in the price of the course
CTY AP Physics 2 Lab Kit from QualityScienceLab - shipped only from USA, estimated price 66 USDhttp://www.qualitysciencelabs.com/johns-hopkins-cty-physics/cty-ap-physics-1/Lab kitNOT included in the price of the course
CTY JH AP Physics 2 online courseToolincluded in the price of the course


course fee: 1 920,- EUR / 46 830,- Kč

Student’s Experience

Kurz mi výrazně pomohl při uplatnění v zahraničí, kdy jsem se vydal studovat program ATCM v Aalborgu (Architectural Technology and Construction Management). Angličtinu na technické úrovni potřebuji stále, třeba při komunikaci se zákazníky ze světa.

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